Summary of 2014 Capital Improvement Projects on Long Beach Courses

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Since American Golf took over the operation of the City's golf course system in 1984, 10% of every green fee has been deposited into a Capital Improvement Fund for reinvestment into our courses. With the Municipal Bond-financed rebuild of Skylinks GC in 2004, there is approximately $500,000 that is available each year for reinvestment into the City's courses.

Toward the end of every year, American Golf's course Superintendents and General Managers brainstorm about the needs at each course and submit possible Capital Improvement Projects for the upcoming year to the City for consideration. The Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine's Golf Advisory Committee meets soon after that to recommend an annual priority list of projects to the City.

Sometimes major projects are spread over several years, like the rebuild of the maintenance facility at Skylinks GC in 2011-2012, the renovation of the interior and "behind the scenes facilities" at the El Dorado restaurant in 2012-2013, the rebuild of all of the bunkers at Rec Park 18 over the summer months in 2013-2014. Currently, at least $250,000 is being set aside in 2014 and 2015 for a renovation of the clubhouse building (restaurant, restrooms, golf shop and office and storage spaces) at Heartwell Park GC, where the building is well over 50 years old.

Click here for a summary of some of the 2014 projects. In addition to those projects, also completed in 2014 was over $30,000 for the removal of 59 trees at El Dorado and 12 trees at Big Rec that were dead or dying, whose removal would promote the growth of healthier trees around them, or whose removal would promote faster play or better turf conditions. Nearly $30,000 was or will be spent planting over 50 trees at Rec Park and over 40 trees at El Dorado (the trees being planted at these courses are designed to promote safety and the architectural integrity of the courses). At Skylinks, the café was redecorated and the on-course restrooms were completely redone. The on-course restrooms at Little Rec will be upgraded shortly. For safety, speed bumps were installed on the entry road into Rec Park 18, and some new sumps to aid drainage in low spots were installed at both Rec Park courses.

With the planned renovation of the Clubhouse at Heartwell, most of the expected projects in 2015 will be smaller and "behind the scenes". These include:

El Dorado

  • More tree removals and plantings
  • A walking bridge across the stream on hole #1
  • Tile repairs in the restroom hallway and the Big Tent
  • Driving Range netting repairs

Heartwell (pending total cost of Clubhouse renovation)

  • 3 tee box renovations
  • Re-slurry of the parking lot and the area between the golfshop and putting green
  • Fencing and netting repairs

Recreation Park 9-hole

  • New tables and chairs in the Café
  • New HVAC system in the clubhouse
  • Upgrades to the split rail fencing on Santiago Avenue and 6th Street

Recreation Park 18-hole

  • New tee boxes on holes #12, #13, #14, #16 and #18
  • Removal of the planters on the top level of the Driving Range
  • Upgrades to the split rail fencing along Santiago Avenue


  • New patio furniture for outside dining
  • Swamp Cooler for the kitchen


Below is a photo gallery illustrating a few of the 2014 Improvents Projects. Click on the images for a larger view and to read the included captions.